Groof - Russian Roulette EP [GEO005]

by Groof



Throughout my years as a producer, different motivations have marked my work. I have been fascinated by different musical currents, always influenced by my constant need of listening to something new , in most cases electronic music. Also all and every single one of my personal experiences have been decisive, good ones and bad ones. These facts have stop me from moving in a fix coordinate, today i’m here , tomorrow i’ll be there. Versatility could be seen as something positive , in my case I would not know if this is true or on the contrary I have become a master of nothing and apprentice of everything. My musical likes are ample and my last 20 years have been a constant coming and going, this has been a key element , the process of learning and fate playing with me. A truth russian roulette, a bullet than far from killing you…. gives you some minutes of joyful creativity immediately vanishing and creating the constant need for playing.


released September 19, 2012

Artist: Groof
Title: Russian Roulette EP
Label: Geometrika
Reference: GEO005
Release Date: 12 Jun 2012
Artwork: Plastica & Synth Alien.


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Geométrika FM Madrid, Spain

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