Sigma Zigurat - Origins Of Civilizations [GEO007]

by Sigma Zigurat



For the creation of this Ep, being our first production,we found the need of having a common starting point, a shared essence, axiom number 1.
Departing from this axiom we developed all the rest, bringing points of view, providing knowledge, experience and all in all adding strengths and taking away weaknesses. “Sigma Zigurat” for us symbolizes the “summary” of our oldest knowledge (a zigurat is a Sumerian pyramidal temple where mathematical and architectonical wonders lay hidden).
It is precisely in this civilization that we have found our inspiration.
The first cut: -Symbol- represents the human abstraction mechanism , that “invokes” the idea of the automated form when we see it’s representation.
The second cut: -Logarhytmic- represents the supreme plane of the abstract thinking, where exclusively certitude and precision exists; the world of mathematics.
The third cut : -Shulba Sutras- makes reference to sanskrit texts in which, for the first time, the step from theory to practice is taken (i.e first squaring the circle attempt ).
The fourth cut : -Away the darkness- refers to the abyss through which we walk everyday step by step. As we gather more knowledge the easier becomes to trip and loose ourselves in the insides of our mind. The thin blurred line between madness and sanity.


released November 22, 2012

Artist: Sigma Zigurat
Title: Origins Of Civilization EP
Label: Geometrika
Reference: GEO007
Release Date: 20 Nov 2012
Photography: Plástica


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