Raszia - Chain & Punishment [GEO004]

by Raszia



We are living in a time were corruption is present in every single layer of our society. Low self esteem and lack of a solid culture are provoking a moral corruption affecting many of the people surrounding us.Being capable of selling their ideals and what they preach in exchange of the vile metal.In addition the working class is exhausted by their leaders indulging themselves in corruption while their mouths get full with empty phrases about all the efforts society must accomplish in order to move forward.Chains created by the State, banking entities and mass media sold to the power, oppress and strangulate the working class while their suffering keeps rising. We come to the point of mass protest in the streets, to the point in which we all rebel against the stablished powers, at this point every single one of us must start thinking by themselves, to decide and demand a change, both economic and mental. Moral values and culture must move forward in order for society to reemerge stronger than ever.


released April 27, 2012

Artist: Raszia
Title: Chains & Punishment EP
Label: Geometrika
Reference: GEO004
Release Date: 27 Apr 2012
Photography: Sergio Aguado


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Geométrika FM Madrid, Spain

In Geométrika FM we believe that Techno should be part of what happens in society, so, honoring our motto "Techno to change the World" we will donate % of the money collected through the label to Social Organizations.

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